07632 back pain

07632 Back Pain

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Back and neck pain are among the leading reasons people see their doctors and miss work and school. At Therapeutics Unlimited, we offer a wide variety of physical therapy procedures and modalities to help you achieve optimal health through natural, safe, and effective care. Our practice is dedicated to the health, vitality, and well-being of every one of our patients. Our dedication to your care and comfort in a warm and welcoming environment is what makes us unique. Therapeutics Unlimited provides a full scope of therapeutic services to help you regain optimal functionality, mobility, range of motion, and overall wellness. We offer a wide range of services and treat numerous conditions, including diagnosing and treating your 07632 back pain.

A proper diagnosis of back pain is important when deciding upon treatment options. Back pain can run the gamut from being a mild muscle strain to more serious nerve root and disc involved conditions. For your back pain, our doctor will carefully exam you and perform a series of physical tests to assess the cause and severity of your pain. Based upon the results of these exams and any imaging test results, he will discuss with you various treatment choices. They are all non-invasive and non-surgical and are done with expertise and years of experience in treating 07632 back pain.

In many instances, the pain may be caused by a tight, contracted muscle which elicits pain by compressing spinal nerves. In these instances, muscle relaxers, trigger point injections, and gentle stretching exercises may resolve the problem. As our flagship program, most of our patients receive some form of physical therapy. If you are suffering from back pain, our therapists will custom design a physical therapy program to serve your specific needs. For relief from your back pain, give us a call today.

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