Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

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If you are suffering from chronic pain and are seeking pain management, come to Therapeutics Unlimited for effective pain relief. Our rehabilitation center provides compassionate, cutting edge technology and state of the art treatment options to get you better. Therapeutics Unlimited provides a full scope of therapeutic services to help you regain optimal functionality, mobility, range of motion, and overall wellness. In addition to therapy, Therapeutics Unlimited provides extensive follow-up including our Post-gym and Education programs. These programs help patients successfully integrate therapy goals and achievements into everyday living. Depending on your condition, you may require one or more type of therapy. For that exceptional care, we offer the best treatment possible.

At our rehabilitation center, our friendly clinical staff and therapists combine their extensive training in physical rehabilitation to provide pain management care. Causes of pain and disability in the neck and back include problems with discs, nerves, joints, ligaments, or muscles. As our flagship program, most of our patients receive some form of physical therapy. Whether the patient is pre or post an orthopedic surgery, suffering from arthritis, has balance and gait issues, or simply has back pain, our therapists will custom design a physical therapy program to serve the patients needs. Patients suffering from arthritis can benefit from many aspects of physical therapy. Our physical therapists assist you with joint function, muscle strength, and fitness level. They understand the mechanics of bones, joints, and muscles working together, the problems that can occur, and what to do about them.

Physical therapy is an integral and vital part of rehabilitation after an injury. Therapeutic exercise is the use of exercise for stretching muscles and joints, or strengthening muscles to gain increased power, endurance and stabilization. These exercises also maintain strength and prevent further injuries. If you have sustained an injury, need pain management care, or have a specific medical condition that could benefit from physical therapy, come and see us. Our mission is to get you well and keep you strong and healthy so you can return to an active lifestyle.

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